Keynote Speech Topics

Lana M. Ruffins is a highly skilled keynote speaker whose speciality is engaging large groups of people. She has spoken before such groups as Department of Defense military generals to corporate CEOs on getaway golf weekends. Her ability to fine tune her speeches in the moment to the meet the needs of her audience, keeps every listener engaged and thinking!

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Would I Follow Me?

What creates a leader that people want to follow? Follow-ship is a management style that incorporates appreciation and authentic acknowledgement that results in accountability in an environment where people have pride in their work and feel personally responsible for outcomes.

No People, No Business

Never before has the communication and commitment between colleagues and customers made such a significant difference to personal and professional success. Companies are looking to leaders to motivate teams and departments into more coherency. Business depends on it. People depend upon it. It's up to you to make it happen.

Hitting a Hole-in-One!

By understanding your own natural and adapted behavior, Lana helps corporate execs fine tune and understand their behavior through the game of golf. This is a fun and engaging interactive speech helps executives understand their own motivations at work while helping their golf game! Spouses and non-golfers get to learn a bit about golf and a lot more about each other from this speech. And, by the way, Lana has hit a hole in one and loves to golf!!

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. - A Foundation to Cooperation

Understanding respect, its causes and affects is fundamental to personal, professional, organizational and community success. Come hear how your ability to elicit cooperation through respect, even in trying situations, has never been more important than today for ourselves, for our work and our communities.

The Time Is Now: A Personal Call To Action

Gallup has identified our current work environment as The Emotional Economy. Never before has it been so important for individuals to personally take responsibility and accountability in managing ethics, respect, relationships and diversity in the workplace and in our communities.

A Corporation of Me

How to create excellence in management and leadership through developing responsibility, accountability integrity, communication and commitment.

Shaping the Future: A Shared Responsibility

Bridging the gap between intellectual comprehension for the need for change and knowing the "how tos" in producing effective change.

We promise the room will be alive, moved to action and very satisfied. We can work with you to incorporate a company mission statement or incorporate organizational messages into each speech.

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